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History at our feet

The proposed development is on land at the Kenley Campus on Victor Beamish Avenue in Caterham. The site, which is allocated for housing in the emerging Tandridge Local Plan, is located on land adjacent to the historic aerodrome at RAF Kenley – one of the three RAF stations tasked with defending London during the Second World War. It backs onto historic Kenley Aerodrome itself, which lies within the London Borough of Croydon. 


The proposals are being designed to echo Kenley’s proud military history, to preserve the character of the Kenley Conservation Area, and to fit seamlessly into the existing neighbourhood.

The site is comprised of three parcels of land, all currently owned by the Educational Trust:

  • The northern parcel of land is grassland except for a single dilapidated workshop.
  • The southern parcel of land is periodically used by One School Global as informal playing grounds but is surplus to the school’s requirements.
  • The third parcel of land that is located to the west of Victor Beamish Avenue and to the east of Halton Road. The land is also currently unused grassland.

The fields which comprise the site are considered surplus to the school’s requirements. Since the occupation of the site the grounds the informal grounds have never been accessible to be used by the wider community or by any other educational organisations. Before its current educational use, the land was owned by the Ministry of Defence and not publicly accessible.

The site is currently located within the Metropolitan Green Belt. A draft allocation in the emerging Tandridge Local Plan (HSG06) proposes that the site is removed from the Green Belt and allocated for the development of housing. The site is currently surrounded by development to the south, east and west. This means that the proposals form a natural extension of existing settlement in Caterham and will integrate easily into the existing community.

The site lies within the Kenley Aerodrome Conservation Area, and forms part of the setting of the Grade II-listed Former Dining Room and Institute at former RAF Kenley, which is currently in use by the school. The layout and density of the proposals have been designed to protect the character and appearance of the conservation area. The detailed designs echo the building’s distinctive features and have sought to echo the area’s history.